Shatter Your Dance with Magnolia in Asheville, North Carolina

Shatter Your Dance with Magnolia in Asheville, North Carolina


Break out of the predictable and push yourself out of your comfort zone! This workshop focuses on 2 combinations plus tips that shatter the symmetry and repetition of dance. Combos include intense pauses that allow you to melt into a moment. Incorporate fast changing turns to occupy stage dynamics. Add multi-level movements to access forgotten dance space. Get your head spinning and your heart racing! Shatter the expected and let your imagination go wild! (combinations will be NEW and made at a suitable level for students)


Magnolia’s elegant and powerful modern Oriental style is the result of years of dedication to belly dance. Magnolia’s performances engage and delight audiences with a mix of classical and modern techniques that include floorwork, double veils, drum solos, and much more!


But wait, not only is Magnolia teaching, she’ll also be giving you personalized feedback. Wait, what? Most dancers go to workshops ready to learn and hoping for that nod from the teacher or quick correction as the teacher walks past. What if the teacher were watching you with the intent to have a personal conversation with you later about your dance goals? What if that teacher had your best interest at heart and wanted to see you succeed? Can you imagine how much your dance would change if you went to a few workshops like this over the course of a year? This is groundbreaking, folks. This is what happens when dancers strive to lift each other up. Come join us!


Magnolia’s belly dance education began with classical Egyptian style. Over the last decade, she has expanded her studies to include Persian, Tribal fusion, Turkish, and modern fusion styles of belly dance. Her skills as a harpist give her a deep introspective connection to rhythm and music. Magnolia’s combination of technique, passion, and musicality are why she is becoming a sought after professional performer and instructor.

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