Pick a Word, Already! 2019 Forecast…

Pick a Word, Already! 2019 Forecast…


We all have good intentions when it comes to the New Year.  From buying a gym membership to grabbing healthier lunch options or breaking that bad habit, we all try to change our routines and be that better version of ourselves we know that we can be. Most of the time, we go back to how we were before the year rolled over.

There are many different ways we make these resolutions. For the past few years, I have picked a word to define my next year.  Just like all of you, I forgot it in 3 months (or less). I’ve made inspirational collages, I journaled, I set intentions. So when this year rolled around, I again began the process of choosing a word.

Oh the possibilities!

I sat down in front of my large blank post it note filled with anticipation.  What word would I be focusing on this year?  I sat, posed, waiting.  After a few breaths, the word “transition” appeared.  Then came “metamorphosis”.  Then “roots”, and so on.  The words flowed forth and the indecision began.  Which one will truly embody this year?

Transition not only implies development in my dance, by learning to smoothly go between movements as well as worlds that I live in.  Transition means the freedom to become what I am going to be in a graceful manner.  Eh, transition sounds kind of hard.

Metamorphosis is change embodied.  It’s turning from a caterpillar into a butterfly.  It’s reaching new heights… and sounds like a lot of trying to define and achieve goals I don’t know that I have.

I could go on and on, but I won’t.

What’s in a Word?

We get so hung up on finding that perfect word that we forget why we began this journey in the first place.  It’s not about the word itself, it’s about our intention behind that word.

How do you find what your intention is?  You have to seriously sit down and think about what it is you’re trying to achieve.  What do you really want out of your dance, your job, your relationships, or your life?  Be honest with yourself.  Evaluate what you have felt happy doing and what you have not felt happy doing.  I repeat, BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF!!!

Be Real With Yourself

Don’t want things just because you think that’s the correct path to take.  For example, I know of a gal who only teaches weekly classes because she believes that’s how she will become a famous workshop teacher.  She dislikes teaching and doesn’t invest in her students.  It may be a little salty to say, but it shows.  It does a disservice to both her and her students.

Your path is no one else’s.  Mine has lead be back to teaching, vaudeville, theater, and comic cons.  I’m very happy with what I’m doing and therefore those around me get to reap the benefit.  When you win, everyone wins!!

Be Intentional

So, take the time.  Sit down with yourself.  Journal, blog, think through what you really want and what you really enjoy.  It’s ok to enjoy the attention you get when soloing on a stage or that paycheck at the end of a restaurant gig.  You are on your own unique journey.

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